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*After July 6, the prices go back to $1995 for membership and $2995 for membership with coaching

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"We talk about finding the right ‘tribes’ in business (and life). The Boardroom is an instant tribe of smart women, experiencing similar issues!

Running a legal and corporate governance advisory business solo is often an isolating experience - you have to be your own cheer squad, the training modules have made me realise that there are ways of connecting across my networks which can assist me in my own client relationship building/help me hone what Blackford Advisory’s value proposition is and also help lessen the isolation of running my own business. "

Elizabeth Blackford, Blackford Advisory

"My biggest win has been a refocusing on my brand and making marketing of my skills a daily activity rather than something I only turn to when I am quiet. The course has also made me look again at why and how I engage with clients and ensure I am directing my attention in an effective manner.

I would strongly recommend this course to all women lawyers looking to improve their skills and confidence in networking and building their brand. Fiona is an excellent mentor and has a wealth of useful tips to draw on and the group format enables experiences and wins to be shared in an informal and supportive environment. "

Natasha, Special Counsel, International Firm

"I have found The Boardroom sessions to be invaluable. They provide practical training and materials and most importantly a small, collaborative and supportive group of women lawyers to share experiences, challenges and successes."

Natasha, Special Counsel, International Firm

"The group format really works for me, particularly supported by some individual coaching. The group calls are uplifting and supportive. I find I learn a lot from the other participants in the program about how they tackle their own BD. Everyone has different systems and tips."

Gemma, Law Firm Owner

"The networking training modules have made me take relationship building much more seriously. I’m formally tracking where all of my new leads come from and exploring my existing relationships to find new opportunities. Being an introvert I’ve also applied some of Fiona’s practical tips to have more meaningful conversations with my professional contacts."

Gemma, Law Firm Owner

"I joined The Boardroom because it’s a great way to keep up my energy and motivation for BD, particularly when I was joining a new firm at the same time.

I would recommend it to any woman in law who needs to do BD as part of their role because it breaks down the scary term BD (which is daunting and off-putting) and offers advice and strategies that really can be integrated into your day in manageable ways."

Nicola, Partner, International Firm

"I joined The Boardroom because I was ready to 100% focus on business development. I was ready to understand what was stopping me from feeling positive about business development.

Being in this group has taught me that business development is the very heart and soul of building a successful practice. But I’ve learnt that there is no one size fits all to business development.

The group format is so powerful because we get to see what works for other people and their practice. Being able to compare and share our experiences has been such an important part of making me want to implement what I’m learning from Fiona - and it also helps no end to know I am not alone in this."

Jennifer, Special Counsel, National Firm

key elements we’ll work on together

The Winning Formula

A strong start sets you up for an epic finish! Guarantee your own success in advance with a rock solid mindset. Empower yourself to jump over the hurdles that might get in your way, and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to keep you focused and on a clear path to kicking goals and generating business.

Unleash your Inner Leader

You became a lawyer to make a difference in the world. Re-discover that sense of purpose, create a greater impact and make a bigger contribution as a leader of your team, your clients and your industry by enhancing your core leadership skills.

connections that count

The strength of your relationships will determine your success. Move from nervous networker to confident connector as you learn how to grow new relationships and deepen existing ones to create a high quality, responsive and effective network that will help you identify opportunities and win work.

Turn contacts into clients

Nurture your network in a way that creates clients not friends, and feel confident that you'll know exactly how and when to have a conversation that converts into work. Never be scared to ask for the business again.

Position yourself for profit

Let your words do the talking! Build your authority and cut through the noise with ease to create, compelling content that speaks directly to your ideal client, and lets them know you're the person they should engage to solve their problem.

Bang for your BD buck

You're busy doing the work. So where and how do you make the time to go out and GET the work? Consistency will be easy and taking action every day will become second nature when you learn how to prioritise the activities that will get the best bang for your BD buck in the shortest time possible.

One in a million

Be known for all the right reasons and stand out in a crowded market using the art of authentic self-promotion. You might be the best lawyer in the world, but if no-one knows who you are and what you do, then you'll be left in the shadows watching as less worthy peers take the limelight (and your potential clients). Learn how to make your marketing and profile an extension of who you are, removing the worry of "big-noting yourself" and instead feel confident in putting yourself out there.

Here’s how we’ll get you to Mission Accomplished:

For 6 months, you'll have access to coaching, training, mentoring and the accountability you need to help you build the skills, knowledge and confidence to take your business development and networking to the next level

I'll be your Master Trainer, and I'll also be bringing in special guests who are leaders in their field in the core areas we will be covering

There is a new training released each month

All training is recorded and uploaded online for you to watch at any time

Training is delivered in bite size chunks designed to help you progress constantly and consistently and to give you exactly what you need to move forward

Every quarter, we have a Mastermind Roundtable lead by a member, where you can share your wins and challenges with the group and be motivated by the success of others

Once a month I run a Group Coaching Call on Zoom, where I'm available to answer all of your questions on what you are implementing at that point

You’ll be part of a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share wins and leverage the knowledge of the other Boardroom members'll be invited to join your fellow Boardroom Members at a live event in Sydney

I'll facilitate introductions with other Boardroom Members, and you'll have the option of setting up mini-accountability groups to fast-track your progress even more

If you want some extra love and hand-holding, or tough love and butt-kicking, you can add the option of one to one coaching sessions with me at the time you become a member (all details below)

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that I’ve got your back, as do the other Boardroom members. 

Together, we’ll get you to where you need to be.


This will be best for any lawyer in private practice (or a sole practitioner) who needs to market themselves and actively build a client base now or in the near future. Partner/Director/Principal, Special Counsel, Senior Associate level would all benefit.
Absolutely! Most of our interactions will be online, with some group meet-ups where we can in a post-COVID world. Everything you need to succeed will be able to be accessed online.

Spaces are limited. We are looking for quality not quantity. We envisage there will be no more than 30 women in the first intake. 

I’ve worked with women like you for a LONG time. I understand the challenges you face, the fears you have, and the hopes and dreams you want to pursue.  My goal is to focus on helping you be YOU – I will help you create, define and build a personal brand that reflects who you really are and that feels authentic and real. I will help you draw out the qualities that make you stand out, and give you frameworks and structures to build long term networks and referral partners. I don’t just care about you building a business, I care that you do it in a way that is sustainable long term. In addition, you’ll have access to the wisdom and support of all the other members to keep you moving forward and hitting goals. 

Like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Business development takes time and effort. However I understand the unique time constraints lawyers are under – that’s why I’m taking 20 years of experience working in the industry and applying the most direct methods that will help you get results, quickly and easily. 

Totally. Just let me know and we can issue an invoice for the full amount, or we can send receipts for reimbursement.
Yes. It costs a fraction more, to allow for the admin involved, but just click the payment button that takes you to the instalment option.
You can sign up as many people as you like! If you have more than 3 people email me and I’ll even organise a 10% discount off full payment rates
You MUST participate! You have my 100% guarantee that I will look after you and that you will never feel like an idiot. Also, I only let good people into my space and we have a judgment free zone, so you’ll be really safe.
You don’t need to be there for every single one, I understand life gets in the way sometimes. Everything will be recorded so you can catch up in your own time. You’ll need your own motivation, but I’ll be structuring this group so that you have maximum support and don’t feel like you’re falling behind.
I believe you will! I’ve been facilitating groups and events for many years now and people always comment on the quality of women in the room, and the welcoming feeling they get – I believe like attracts like and I know you’re going to fit right in

We will be together for 6 months, and at the end you’ll have the option to extend your membership. 

Everything is included – in some circumstances we may suggest tools that will help you that might have a cost attached – whether you choose to incorporate those or not will be entirely up to you and your success won’t be dependent on them.

If you’ve got other questions, just email me at



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